Today’s tale is the narrative retelling of what became a bit of an adventure. The primary purpose is to share the unorderly process by which one developer — me — learned and implemented a new technology, including the occasional journey down paths that culminated in undesired destinations. …

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The Future of Federal Safety Oversight, originally published at

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Dear Honorable Pete Buttigieg

The subject of my writing today is to introduce the life-saving opportunity that the leader and future leaders of the Department of Transportation, and other government safety oversight…

This space — my corner of Medium, is typically reserved for thoughts about web development and other computer science and technology topics. Today, however, we discuss another passion of mine: electronic music.

Specifically, we are going to talk about the art of DJing.

Leading a live, mesmerized crowd through a…

This code strikes me as exceptionally readable - due to good work by the author and/or the advancements in language syntax.

Cloud-Based System Architecture for the Federal Domain, originally published at

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This article describes a proposed system architecture for a cloud-based, web-centered enterprise-level system for use within the federal government domain.

This is written in the context of a notional scenario in…

Agile Software Development in the Federal Government Domain, originally published at

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As a web developer, the word “agile”, when used in the context of product implementation work, sometimes seemed to me to be little more than the corporate, flavor-of-the-month buzz term.

Migrating From MongoDB to SQL, originally published at

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This blog recounts my Veterans’ Day, 2020 project — migrating data from MLab to a SQL database on Azure.

Problem Statement:

  • As a user, I want to be able to view a revised…

This article is a work-in-progress and, hopefully, the first in a series as we learn more about implementing the Okta API.

In my role at my company, I do mostly system architecture but, on the side, play around with prototypes and build out proof of concept models.

So, primarily, I’ve…

In search of the all-encompassing, enterprise-level user role management / authentication service provider.

Because there may be fruitful relationships to be had with these organizations, their real names are being disguised in this sordid tale. Let’s call the Identity-Proofing provider: “ApexOpus”. And the user role management provider: “Tako”.

If some…

I’ve begun building a rudimentary fake dating app. For practice purposes.

(Coding practice, I mean.)

Two aspects about a dating app provide especially valuable learning opportunities for the developer:

  1. Working with data;
  2. Unique design features;

To briefly elaborate:

A dating app requires users. Our users, of course, will be notional…


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